Salam untuk semua. Kali ini saya ingin menukar selera. Sekali-sekala apa salahnya bukan? Sesekali tekak terasa juga nak makan hidangan ala barat. Kalau tanyakan pada Mersik, pasti dia akan bersetuju dengan saya 500%! Bahasa Inggeris menjadi pilihan saya kali ini untuk berkongsi rasa serba sedikit tentang novel yang tajuknya tertera di bawah.

Jasmines on the 4th Floor

Definitely an English novel from Alaf21! This novel is easy to read and understand. The words used are simple. Writer MacLean Patrick is smart enough to keep it the way it is. In fact, the story too is easy to gulp. I also find it interesting that the writer used everyday-dialogues. Words like…lah, haiya, aisey-man…these are examples of words that makes me feel close to the story. Truly Asian I suppose. Few typo and grammatical errors seen though.

It’s a suitable read for all ages, be it a teenager or an adult. If you live in Penang, this novel might interest you more. As it talks about the places that you might have already knew! Sometimes a place can be very close to you, but you never knew what activities are going on?!

It’s more of a light romance and opening up to living in a small community that consists of commoners from low to middle class. It’s about an individual trying hard to fit into a group he hardly knows. How his heart aches when the commoners were put up to thievery right in front of his eyes with his very own ears. Who’s to be blame when his heart breaks and left dry? What has jasmines got to do in this novel? Most of us knew jasmines give out pleasant aroma. When do you think jasmines bloom best? During the day or at night? Why do you think? It’s also exciting to learn something new of others’ culture. Be it for the living or for the dead. Read the book. You’ll discover more.

I do not know about others who read this novel. To each his own. It’s a light novel. Personally, I can’t wait for your next book! Congratulations Patrick MacLean! I’ve been to Penang a few times. Being a tourist, of course, only the beautiful and interesting places fit into the tour!

Problem, problem, problems! Do you run and hide from it? Does it really help to do so? Which is best? Deal with it or just let it roll besides you. Pretend it doesn’t exist. Can problem really pass us without being solved? But, what if you just need some time to let it go? Can you buy time? Is it possible?

How about friendships? What do you expect from a relationship? Do you think your very best friend has his/her own dark/sweet secret(s) kept away from you? How would you feel if you find out about that secret one fine day? Especially if it involves you! Would you be able to forgive and forget? Personally, I think secrets are sometimes a must to keep for a healthy relationship. Most times, it hurts to see our love ones hurt.

Respecting others’ culture is an appraisal act. Especially when one live in a multicultural country and community. You wouldn’t want your culture be criticized by others, definitely not! Many times we take offend when it happens. What do we do? Give them the taste of their own medicines? Do you think that’s the right thing to do? Let’s all live in harmony. Let the world be a beautiful and a better place to live in while we’re still living!


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